Here are some recipes that we would like you to try yourself, enjoy and share with your family and others!!

These include the recipes from our time in Tenerife, typical mojo sauces that can be found in the Canary islands. Also the recipe for the traditional potatoes that accompany much of the Canarian cuisine and other selected recipes.

Also there are other of our favourite recipes from Spain, UK and other parts of the world that we have cooked and enjoyed.

We will add more here over time and hope you like some or or of them!

AlbondigasAlbondigas or Meatballs are of Arabic origin, "al-bunduqa" means "the ball".
Atun en adoboTuna fish are one of the most important catches in Canarian waters.
Avocado mousseA healthy dessert, simple to make, an alternative to chocolate variety.
Bread PuddingLovely cake or pudding, cold or warm, if a bit stodgy
CarajacasThis spicy liver dish, traditionally from Gran Canaria.
Carne con papasThis is one of the most commonly prepared dishes in the Canarias.
ChurrosChurros are a fried crunchy snack, usually sprinkled with sugar.
CrempogCrempogs or Welsh Pancakes are traditional on Shrove Tuesday.
Gateaux PimentGateaux Piment or chilli cakes, otherwise known as gajacks.
Ginger CordialVery refreshing! Feel free to adjust to your particular taste buds.
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