August brings better and different weather to Penlan Villa.  We have been totally booked at The Lodge with only a few odd days left, we amended these to allow a single night and shortly after one of them was booked!

We have added a patio set to the outside that will allow seating for extra people when they are in The Lodge.  Also we have moved our old Belfast sink to here and is now used as the “herb garden” for people to use on the barbecue.

When time permits we will add a separating wall or fence to give a secure area for small children, with a gate so it is still accessible for us and guests.

Work has slowly started again on the house and garden.  The wall over the revealed fireplace has  more or less been cleaned off, the next stage being raking out all the joints and re pointing afresh.  The ceiling has to be lifted so there will probably be more to do once this is done.

The garage wall has progressed with it being rendered over and a new fascia board erected.  The gutter was them replaced ensuring a better drop than before.  The guttering on the house lean to was also taken down, cleaned and reset, hopefully the run off will be better.  A better system being put on it to allow the water to drain via the garage guttering.  The wall having a final render coat over it and then painted.