July 2020

July comes with more places opening and we can have guests from 13th July, with this being slightly changed to 11th July.  Booking have been trickling in since the announcement was made and we are hopeful of more to come.  By the time we “opened” we were fully booked, apart from a few odd days, until the end of August.

Richard finished off the extra patio area and we then painted it and set it up ready for our visitors.  We believe the extra space will be well used!

Work on the front bedroom has stalled for a bit, we will carry on with this if we have a wet spell again.

Richard has also started to render the garage and side walls making them more like a garden than a workshop.  However after taking down the gutter and old fascia board, the wood was found to be full of woodworm, so new one was needed and Richard had to treat all the timbers in the garage that he could.

After finishing rendering the top of the wall, the new fascia board will put in place and the gutter  replaced, after giving it a good clean.  It is looking like that the internal wall will need to be treated to prevent the ingress.

We had visitors for the last week of July, Charlotte, her boyfriend Gary and children Ivy, Tyler and Shelby, so never got any more work done.  However we did get our roof professionally cleaned by Gary ready for the old chimney to be taken down and the roof repaired and resurfaced.