June 2020

Well June see us here in Wales with the lock down rules still in place.  England now has very different rules and now have mass gathering on the beaches, stupid!  Hopefully a new wave of the pandemic will not occur.

Meanwhile we have been working in the garden and Richard has started on the extra area by the patio.  Initially a new wall has to be built for safety, followed by a rendering of the old walls and making sure the base and other parts of the area are clean and ready for use!  With the news that we can open for visitors from 13th July, assuming nothing changes, means we have to get this ready.

The garden and vegetable patch continue to flourish, and Theresa has been growing and selling vegetables, Flower and herb plants to help raise money for her Kitty Catz charity.

During one rainy day we decided to start work on one of the bedrooms in the old cottage part, many layers of wallpaper being removed, also a lot of old plaster, but this was expected.  We decided to remove the board in front of the chimney and were extremely surprised and delighted to found the original fireplace and it was in very good condition.