May 2020

No real change from last month.  May see us still in lock-down, however England starts to move away from the rest of the UK with the “English” government appearing to want to be first out of lock-down!  Time will tell which part of the UK has taken the correct path.  There is certainly too much politics being played by them rather than the devolved authorities who have been much open with their messages.

Meanwhile at Penlan Villa life goes on, we walk the dogs each morning to the castle, but Tara has taken a turn for the worst and became quite ill.  This lady came into our life around 13 years ago from the Tenerife K9 refuge.  She had been there twice, once as a puppy and then returned by someone who didn’t want her anymore.  The day we first saw her in the refuge kennel she came to the bars and licked our fingers, meek and mild with doleful eyes.  We knew she was the one for us.  We took her home to be a friend to our Jack Russell Holly.  What a whirlwind Tara was.  Despite how meek she was in the refuge she had enough energy for 4 dogs and was able to run for miles which was a problem as she wasn’t good at recall.  The last couple of years she has aged immensely and we had to rush her to an emergency vet appointment.  She had fluid in her stomach cavity, around her heart and liver tumours.  Despite receiving palliative care and with great sadness she was put to sleep.  She was 14½ so a good age but she’ll be missed RIP Tara.


The garden remains the our main work area, Theresa sowing more seeds and selling our extras for her Kitty Catz charity.  We have been pleasantly surprised with the seasonal changes in the garden, it is definitely not a Spring garden.

Whilst we work in the garden we often find “treasures” that appear from the ground and the surrounding areas.  We have set up a page here we these finds.

The parking are for the Lodge has been tidied up and is now a lot better looking.

Richard had finished relaying the steps to the garden and also finished cutting the leylandii trees.  The ground has been levelled and fence put up.  It is now clearer and more light to the garden.

We have also decided to use clear up an area next to the Lodge so that there will be another area to sit, with a view of the castle!  It is around where an old building was, that has some of the walls remaining.