April 2020

Well we are still in lock-down, which for us is not that much different as we have been “working” at home for some time.

Walking the dogs is at the Castle every morning, around 6.30-7.00, we don’t see many people, but there are still a couple of people who drive to take their dogs for a walk!  Early mornings are usually crisp but there is no better time, the dogs always enjoy it.

April sees more work being done in the garden, with some notable additions appearing, some required some just for fun!  What we have found out is that we definitely have a Spring garden as the flowers are really blooming, only time will tell if this can change into a Summer one as well.


The other project is Theresa’s, rather than do jobs that need to be done she has diverted her attention to the Pixie/Fairy house. None have yet moved in but will keep an eye on it!

Richard has been cutting down a number of leylandii trees, our neighbour looked at them and agreed they can come down.  It was not an easy job but the garden will recover better for this.

One job that was not known about appeared once the path down from the garden was pressure washed. The steps had not been set correctly and the water was actually going through the garage walls.  We knew that water got into the garage somehow but this was news.  So Richard’s job list increased again!  The slabs next to the garage were lifted where necessary and a membrane added by the wall before replacing the slabs.