March 2020

March saw the start of the effects of the Corona Virus in the UK, the early part of the month did not appear to be any different here in Wales.  However the lack of any real action by the UK government was not helping, in out opinion, Boris not being a decisive leader, not change there then!

Well it has really been an odd month, Social Isolating and then the Lock down.  It did not really affect us that much as our lives are not as active as most, the hardest part, was not being able to take the dogs to the beach any longer, as it was really too far to justify.  However there were still people driving to walk at the castle, but we expect that would change during time.


We have still been working, mainly in the garden, rebuilding and refurbishing the shed so we have one, this will do for the next year or so, now weatherproof!  The trees will be thinning out in the next month or so.


Also the Wendy house is being put back up with a new roof and log stack, can never have enough of these as we have a lot of wood now being dried for the next year or so.


The peas are growing well in the greenhouse, can’t wait for some to eat; a bit later than when we lived in Tenerife though.