February 2020

February see us weathering the storms, Ciara. Dennis and finally Jorge.  As far as we know there has been no real damage to the house or garden, time will tell of course.

Walks on the beaches have continued but a couple of times when we arrived there was no beach as the storms combined with higher tides meant in was impossible. Also one morning we went to the castle and found that the river had flooded so much the path was submerged completely, this lasted a few days until the river level subsided. No lasting damage to the land, but one rubbish bin and bench had been washed away, although we did spot them in the mill rush



Even when the floods recede the plants are still there, growing underwater, nature is a wonderful thing!


However the chimney in the Lodge had a small leak, on thought and investigation when the installer came back, it turned out that the leak was at the top of the chimney where the spinner was connected.  He made it secure with a home made capping around the top from Lead, securing with an extra strong bonding agent. To date no more ingress has been found.

Bookings have continued during the month on the Lodge with great feedback from those staying.

We have replaced the aerial wires to the TV’s and low and behold, one has 50 channels the other still only 28, so longer term we will need to replace one of the aerials.  All old wiring and the old satellite dish have been removed and put aside for recycling in the future.

Theresa has up-cycled another couple of pieces of free furniture for the cat food, matching with other pieces already done up.