December 2019

December see us still struggling with the Flu and the aftermath.  Theresa’s Mum finally made it back home to Spain and her and Dennis are steadily getting better.

We have 3 bookings for the Annex, now named as “The Lodge”, so the focus this month is to get it totally ready for their arrival. A 4th booking followed shortly after.

Feedback from Theresa’s Mum stay in the Annex meant we had to rethink the heating as, whilst it kept fairly warm it could be better, and we do not want any negative feedback once we get our first guests.

We have thought about the best way to improve the heating, and having considered central heating, decided on putting in a log burner as this combined with the gas fire and electric space heaters should be a good solution.

However at this time of year it is difficult to find someone to install one, as they are very busy. We managed to find someone who was prepared to delay their Christmas holiday start and install one for us a couple of day’s before our first booking. Tight but all goes OK and looks good.

Our first guests arrived on time and had a good time in the Lodge, we are hoping for good feedback from what they told us when they left, time will tell.

All our guests have enjoyed their stay and gave us “glowing” reviews, the latest visitors leave in the new year.

We have 2 booking for January and are hoping for more.

Work on the house has progressed little, but we hope to start some in January.  We have decided to split our main living area in two as the space is too large for our needs.  Watch this space!