October 2019

The start of October see us progressing well with the Annex, the dogs continuing to enjoy their woodland river walks, and the cat’s all settling down well.

Theresa has already started to work with a local Cat charity, and we have one small kitten and a pregnant mother who shortly gave birth to 4 kittens; closely followed by another small kitten and an older cat.

Progress on the annex sees it starting to take shape and be able to see what it will look like when complete.

More work on the shower room, including fitting a door!


The kitchen was ordered and fitted during the month, this helped the annex start to look more liveable.


As well as the Kitchen the Bedroom has also made progress. We have bought two single beds that can fit together as a double and two bedside cupboards, Theresa has been painting them to refurbish and match up. The floor being fitted both up and downstairs has helped to make the annex looking a lot more habitable.


With the floor fitted, we started to put some of the fittings in, the fire, TV and it’s aerial.


The doors on the Annex were old wooden ones, that had not been made for the building, and had been shoehorned into the gaps.  We had some new UPVC fitted to match those of the main house, they look smart and help keep the building weatherproof as well.​


Not just working on the annex and inside the house, we have also been trying to clear some of the garden, where it was a “bit” overgrown, we’re now starting to see the house and one of the garden walls again.


Theresa has also been updating the kitchen in the main house so it looks and feels more like our own, until we have the money to replace it.


With October drawing to an end, there is not much left to do in the Annex. Also the clocks going back mean that the evenings are darker a lot earlier, this is a bit different for us, but easy to get used to, though the animals do not recognise the change and still want their food at the same time!

Luckily we managed to get our Wood Fire and Chimney sorted so we could have a nice fire in the house, however as is usual with this property there was a a twist; when removing the old fire it transpired that it had never been fitted properly. The fire was sitting on a slab of slate, that was just resting on a couple of layers of loose bricks that were sitting on the floor joists! This was sorted and the new fire installed correctly and all signed off for us to use. Richard has to finish off the surround for the fire, but it will do for now.


The weather for October has been mixed, a lot of rain but intermingled with nice days as well. Bring on November.