August 2019

August see us still living in Holmes Chapel, not being able to do too much, but Theresa looking for bits to buy for our new house, maybe we’ll have to rent a very large van when we eventually move!

After some delay we finally competed on 7th August and had to organise everything for the move to our new house.

The morning before we had hired a large van and moved into it most of our boxes and bits ready for the journey to our new home in Wales.

Saying goodbye to our short stay in Holmes Chapel, we were up and ready on the day of our move packing everything up and into the van. Then we had to put the cats into their boxes packing them in the back of the van and off we go. The dogs going in the car with Theresa.

The journey to our “new home” took a bit longer than we first thought, about 4½ hours all told!

When we arrived and opened the door Richard’s first thought was “It is a lot more work than I thought”, Theresa was a bit more circumspect but was having similar thoughts!

We unloaded the animals first, the dogs into the garden and the cats into the living area; it was all new to them but they did not appear too stressed especially as it had been a long journey.

With the animals settling in we set about making the house our home, removing anything that was left behind that we didn’t want or was of no use to us. A rusty freezer that the previous owner thought we would like, more that he didn’t want to take to the tip! Theresa started to advertise for builders so we could start work as soon as possible.

We started ourselves on removing the car port / work area, dismantling numerous electric sockets and taking the roof off, only the framework then remained.

The work started in earnest on the next Monday with our selected Builder helping to remove the framework of the car port

Side1 Side2





and then cutting down the first large tree at the front of the property, the other two that needed removing following shortly. This gave us more light around and in front of the house, even neighbours commented how much better it looked with them gone.


The next jobs following on fast behind:

  • putting a door on the Cat Pantry
  • removing ugly tongue and groove on part of the ceiling and replacing with Plasterboard, there is still a lot of this in the house that we will get around to changing.

House1 House2





  • blocking up a doorway into the kitchen, to keep the living room good and secure for the cats, also it will be better when we eventually renew the Kitchen and Ding Room into a large Kitchen Diner.
  • bought some replacement gates off Facebook Marketplace to make the side more secure for the dogs and actually look good! eventually the car will go into the garage.

Gates2 Gates1 




  • building the important Catio
  • then finally starting on the “Annex” conversion

Mid August saw the Catio finished and the cats starting to explore their outside space, it was odd for them to begin with as they couldn’t understand why they had this wire keeping them from roaming.

The annex progressed well with the drainage being dug out to join to the existing pipes, the stud walls going up for the shower room and all the electrics and lights going in place.


Walk1We take the dogs out for a good run every morning, either around the town where there are some nice walks, but more often drive 5 minutes down the road to a riverside walk. The dogs love it and Flossy has started going in the river; she is careful but it’s a bit of a worry as it can be very fast in places.

August came to an end with a lot of work being completed, but with a lot still to be completed!