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Yields1 Serving

A delicious chilli paste from Mauritius with garlic and ginger.

chilli paste

 250 g Green or red chillies with stems removed
 3 Medium onions peeled and quartered
 2 tbsp Freshly crushed ginger
 2 tbsp White vinegar
 10 tbsp Vegetable or Olive oil

Blend the chillies, crushed ginger and the onions into a smooth paste. Put in a bowl and mix well with the white vinegar.
Heat up a pan and pour in the oil. Allow to simmer and add the chilli paste. Mix well, allow to simmer for three to five minutes. Stir cook all the time to prevent burning and until well blended. The secret is allow all the moisture within the paste to evaporate without overcooking the chilli paste.
Allow to cool and put in clean jars. Top up with oil and place in the refrigerator for storage.